How To Get A Fake ID

How to get a fake id
This is an actual image a fake id website posted as their work. This is a blatant sign of a scam.

This is the ultimate guide for how to get a fake id.

For over 20 years I have researched fake id websites to bring visitors the unbiased fair truth.

I will share the ways to analyze a fake id maker’s website. How to research the card maker online to weed out any reviews that are not genuine.

This is truly the only way for how to get a fake id and not be taken by scams.

Keep in mind when it comes to fake id the scams way out number the good guys.

Never excuse away warning signs learned from using my guide.

Do a WHOIS search

Whois search

Doing a whois search can tell you a lot about a fake id maker. I look for how long the domain been registered. When for not at least 2 years I simply move on to the next site.

Reason being I have learned the smarter scams keep their website up for 1-2 years. After that they dump the domain and slap up a fresh one.

Takes time to build up bad reviews believe it or not and even harder to find positive reviews. Not that a legitimate website does not have real good reviews found online. It is sadly just my experience that 99.9% of people who buy fake id never post a review.

Think about it… You are buying something that is not legal and the average age of the buyer is under 21.

This equates to the hardest product to get people to leave a review for. Right up their with illicit drugs and prostitution with only sellers of plutonium harder to verify.

Fake id review websites

Fake id website reviewsDo not ever trust them for how to get a fake id! Ironic I know because this is a fake id review website, but my website has some major differences. First, my site is the first (over 20 years ago) and has been around for years and years longer than any fake id maker online today.

Now, on to why not to trust them. I have learned that fake id reviews that came on the scene after Underground-Review are owned by fake id websites. This would be fine, if they were unbiased, however they are anything but.

There are so many review websites about fake id that you can find pros and cons about every ID card maker. This has turned the whole review concept into a complete and utter joke that you would be insane to trust.

Unless it is a for profit review website like Trust Pilot who on earth is going to spend time every month or more keeping the website up for free?

Who is going to spend money to keep the URL and domain hosted and make nothing in return? Yes, I know the irony, but I have to warn you.

When it comes to Trustpilot I do not trust them either for fake id reviews or any reviews. Why you ask? Well, for one the fact that they have tens of thousands of complaints for their business model extorting money from reviewed companies.

A disgruntled employee, jaded customer, or competition can buy (if you know where to go) Trust Pilot reviews. Also, you can use a VPN service to change your IP more than your underwear and leave as many reviews as you wish with free email signup registration as contacts. I found this out after questioning one id maker about the mixed reviews that contradicted each other.

Ten say they got a fake id and ten say they got nothing, so how reliable is that?

Even worse Trust Pilot I researched refuses to remove unsubstantiated reviews unless you join their paid business membership.

That is called extortion and a genuine fake id maker is not going to give their credit card info anyways to a US based company that legally must work with law enforcement.

Again, another nightmare source for the truth that I just can not trust.

In short do your own review on how to get a fake id and not rely on manipulated and biased review websites.


Check the images of their work with a fine tooth comb

Inspect fake ID cards When no images and video of their work is shown on their website move on without delay. Really think about this ones!

Would you buy any custom product without seeing the quality of the past work? If so, all I can say is you deserve what you get or lack there of.

On to what is I think is the most important way to check how to get a fake id online and that is inspecting the images shown on a fake id maker’s website.

Five how to get a fake id website image authenticity checks:

  1.  Use Google image search to see where else the image is online to determine if the website you are researching is the original and true creator of the fake id card image.
  2.  Be leery of all small fake id card images as those are harder to impossible in determining if they have been photoshopped.
  3.  Fake id makers almost always trademark the fake ids they make by posting fake ids they made with their name as the cardholder. Look at it closely to ensure it matches the domain you are on and has not been photoshopped.
  4.  Check the watermark that most id makers now use to avoid stealing and editing of their posted fake id card images. Ensure the watermark matches the domain you are visiting.
  5.  Run away fast from any website selling fake identifications that covers or blurs out any part of their fake ids. There is no reason on earth for an id maker to cover up their supposed work. This is their one chance to showcase their work to you the customer. Covering it up means only one thing and that is they did not make it!

When it comes to fake id websites they like to pose as customers passing by to leave a review. The trick works like this by posting “fake id” images as customers in the comment/review section. They of course ripped these images online.

To catch them check out the comment posting date and the issue date of the fake id. Makes for a good laugh! Not saw one close to the post date yet (please don’t start now scammers after reading this). Usually the issue date is at least a year or more prior to the posting.

Do you believe all these reviewers wanted an issue date a year or more in the past? I can tell you the majority back date their fake id by a few months on average.


Give me video

fake id videoWhile it is not mandatory I do look for websites with video of the fake ids they made to show potential customers. As touched on above this is the id makers website and if you want my business then earn it by proving to me the quality.

While YouTube I learned removes videos posted by fake id makers highlighting their cards with one complaint from a competitor. There is self hosting of at least one video and DTube which is not censored.

In any event pay attention to any video you watch. Ensure it is of fake ids the website made and not just one fake id that could be of their own personal card or one they lifted at a party when a person was passed out.

I have seen many videos especially on social media that left me very unconvinced of the authenticity. Looking just as I said that it is their own identification or one they stole.

On the other hand I have watched short videos showing dozens of ids that match the still images posted on their website.

Great videos no more than 30 seconds long can go a long way to verifying a fake id maker’s capability and there is simply no reason for a website to not post a couple in this day and age.

Unless they are a scam, so they can not, and I will take my business elsewhere… it is as simple as that.


Social media research for how to get a fake id

social media

Lastly, checking social media by searching the domain name of the fake id maker after they passed the above tests.

Be it Twitter or other platforms you can seek out genuine users who mention having or using a fake id.

I have done this many times to find out where people are getting their fake ids and the quality of the cards.

These are the real reviews online as they have no incentive to lie one way or the other.

In summary

Use my guide and you will find it easy to get a fake id. Before you new card arrives make sure you check out my guide How To Spot A Fake ID. Learn how to beat the methods bouncers use to trip you up in detecting your fake id card.

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