Bogusbraxtor Fake ID Website Review

Bogusbraxtor Review

Bogusbraxtor fake id

Fake ID website makes a wide selection of scannable fakes IDs of US driver licenses.

Bogusbraxtor  is the youngest in terms of time in business of just over 3 years. However, the quality is replicated so well they are here to stay

While the fake ID makers I recommend all make top notch fake IDs with bogusbraxtor their replicated fakes can only be described as flawless.

While they are a bit more costly the chance of ever being detected instate or out using a Bogusbraxtor fake ID is a none issue. This is well worth the price for piece of mind.

The cost of a flawless fake

Bogusbraxtor fake identity cardFake ID website Bogusbraxtor does use polycarbonate for printing the cards of the states that do use this higher end material.

True laser heating of the carbon to raise to the surface that you can feel to the touch as in the image to the left.

Microprint and other fine security details that you would demand in a identical to real fake ID are in the cards they make.

This is what gave me the confidence to review and recommend this card maker.

With so many sites that pop up and ship subpar IDs to keep the complaints down to operate longer before needing a new URL is always a worry. I do not in the slightest have this concern with Bogusbraxtor they are here to stay.

Since I was ordering I emailed several times to test the response. Each of the three times my email was replied to within just hours and answered politely.

When price is not your sole concern, but quality is, then consider trying out this ID maker.

Unmatched fake id quality

Bogusbraxtor fake id card

I spent close to an hour comparing my real driver license to the fake id I received of the same state. While I truly tried to find differences I could not.

I own both a hand held scanner and a black light for reviewing. Scanning of course was perfect. Both barcode and magnetic stripe were formatted correctly and scanned.

Under black light again I looked for flaws with my fake and just did not find any. From the design to the color of ink is exact.

You will not have to worry about the quality of your fake id coming into question by security at a nightclub. However, you always need to be prepared for the tricks and techniques as I explain in my article How To Spot A fake ID.

The ordering experience

Bogusbraxtor scannable fake IDFake id website Bogusbraxtor is defiantly in tuned with their customer service. Like other id makers they offer an easy ordering process and payment options.

I did pay for the upgraded shipping and my order arrived in just over 2 weeks. Doing this for 18 years I have ordered myself and collected another information to do a review without ordering.

It was due to the quality people are going on about when I first considered doing a review. This made me want to buy one for myself to just see the state of currently made fake id cards.

I think I made clear above that I was blown away and had to include fake id website Bogusbraxtor on Underground-Review. Easy to tell that making fake ids was not just for the money to them, but a passion.

In summary fake id website Bogusbraxtor is top-self

With utter confidence I highly recommend Bogusbraxtor. While their pricing is above the average their fake ids are anything but average.

When only the best made IDs will do that will let you breeze into any nightclub or bar across the land, then fake id website Bogusbraxtor is the the place to choose.

Please rate this fake id website when you have ordered from them and tell us your experience by commenting below.

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