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Idchief fake id card

Fake ID website makes an excellent selection of US state fake identification cards. All scannable with the cardholders data identical to the encoding of a real issued license.

The majority of cards are cloned versions of the current style issued by the state.

Idchief has been making replicated IDs for over a decade verified by WHOIS data and documented history detailed below.

Should be noted is the authentic IDChief fake id website as there are imposter frauds with other domain extensions that take the money and run.

Accurate quality fake id cards online

Idchief fake identity cardOne of the few sites that uses polycarbonate to print their cards when the state issued does the same.

Flawless ultraviolet cloned designs, raised text, laser burned cardholder images to name a few security features Idchief clones the same as real.

In the past years following the passing of the Real ID Act every US state released upgraded new styles of their identification cards.

Idchief (unlike others) kept up with the newest security features proving more than ever that quality comes first.

Fake ID website with true customer service

Idchief fake id cardWhile we did deduct a point for taking over 24 hours to reply to a customer ticket with a general question. It should be noted that after a group order was placed the several other questions submitted were replied to the same day.

The Idchief ordering system requires you to create an account and does show status updates. Continued updates from the time the IDs were confirmed paid up to providing a tracking number when shipped.

Took exactly 13 days from the time I paid for the group of two fake ids with free duplicates to arrive.

Comparatively I know others who have ordered and it took over 3 weeks to arrive. My experience with id makers is arrival times do vary based on how busy they may be at any given time.

The best advice is to always order early as possible especially when you need your ID by a certain date. See our How To Spot A fake ID article for how to use your fake id as that is vital.

Insight into Idchief fake id website history

Idchief scannable fake IDAdditional verification of Idchief’s impeccable fake identifications was found online. Consisting of a flurry of news articles after the website was opened for about a year.

Due to the news article reports of identical to real quality made IDChief rise quickly as one of the the most popular online resources for buying fake id cards.

However, this caught the attention of big brother specifically the US Senate! Maybe they had a free day not planing to invade another country for their oil, who knows?

News reported members of the Senate wrote a letter to China where Idchief operates pleading for the Chinese government to shut them down.

This plea from the Senate set off numerous actual fake news articles. The claim made was that Idchief was shut down by the Chinese government as Idchief removed their website leaving only an Idchief contact email.

What actually happen was due to the extreme scrutiny Idchief was the one who closed their website.

Now, legit fake id sites close all the time for many reasons and if you have a pending order it will never arrive. What was astounding is that on the r/fakeid (now shutdown reddit channel) people who had pending orders fearing they would be burnt started posting their cards were arriving.

In the world of fake id makers this is unheard of as everyone expected them to just keep the money and not make the orders.

About a year later Idchief reopened their website and continued to make the best IDs they were famous for.

In summary Idchief is one of the best fake id websites online

Given the past history without doubt Idchief will deliver and even better it will be a quality fake id that works. Idchief is one site I feel absolutely confident stating this and putting Underground-Review’s 18 year reputation of providing the unbiased truth on it.

Please rate this fake id website when you have ordered from them and tell us your experience by commenting below.