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Bogusbraxtor.com Review

Bogusbraxtor fake id

Fake ID website Bogusbraxtor.com makes a wide selection of scannable fakes IDs of US driver licenses.

Bogusbraxtor  is the youngest in terms of time in business of just over 2 years. However, the quality is replicated so well I felt they are here to stay

While the fake ID makers I recommend all make top notch fake IDs with bogusbraxtor their replicated fakes can only be described as flawless.

While they are a bit more costly the chance of ever being detected instate or out using a Bogusbraxtor fake ID is a none issue. That to many is well worth the price for piece of mind.

The cost of a flawless fake

Bogusbraxtor fake identity cardFake ID website Bogusbraxtor does use polycarbonate for printing the cards of the states that do use this higher end material.

True laser heating of the carbon to raise to the surface that you can feel to the touch as in the image to the left.

Microprint and other fine security details that you would demand in a identical to real fake ID are in the cards they make.

This is what gave me the confidence to review and recommend this card maker.

With so many sites that pop up and ship subpar IDs to keep the complaints down to operate longer before needing a new URL is always a worry. I do not in the slightest way have this concern with Bogusbraxtor. They are here to stay.

Since I was ordering I emailed several times to test the response. Each of the three times my email was replied to within just hours and answered politely.

When price is not your sole concern, but quality is, then consider trying out this ID maker.

Unmatched fake id quality

Bogusbraxtor fake id card

I spent close to an hour comparing my license to the fake id I received of the same state and style. While I truly tried to find differences I could not.

I own both a hand held scanner and a blacklight for reviewing. Scanning of course was perfect. Both barcode and magstrip were formatted correctly and scanned.

Under blacklight again I looked for flaws with my fake and just did not find any. From the design to the color of ink is exact.

While you will not have to worry about the quality of your fake id coming into question by security at a nightclub. You always need to be prepared for the tricks and techniques as I explain in my article How To Spot A fake ID.

The ordering experience

Bogusbraxtor scannable fake IDFake id website Bogusbraxtor is defiantly in tuned with their customer service. Like other id makers they offer an easy ordering process and payment options.

I did pay for the upgraded shipping and my order arrived in just over 2 weeks. Doing this for 18 years I have ordered myself and collected another information to do a review without ordering.

It was due to the quality people are going on about when I first considered doing a review. That made me want to buy one for myself to just see the state of currently made fake id cards.

I think I made clear above that I was blown away and had to include fake id website Bogusbraxtor on Underground-Review. Easy to tell that making fake ids was not just for the money to them, but a passion.

In summary fake id website Bogusbraxtor is top-self

With utter confidence I highly recommend Bogusbraxtor. While their pricing is above the average their fake ids are anything but average.

When only the best made IDs will do that will let you breeze into any nightclub or bar across the land, then fake id website Bogusbraxtor is the the place to choose.

Please rate this fake id website when you have ordered from them and tell us your experience by commenting below.

Fakeyourdrank.com Review

Fakeyourdrank fake id

Fake ID website review of Fakeyourdrank.com making fake ids of the newest issued design replicating US driver licenses.

Fakeyourdrank has been in business for over 6 years and is an established maker of premium scannable fake ids.

Operating in China a safe jurisdiction to source restricted card materials such as polycarbonate to make identical to real fake identity cards.

Offering true 24/7 customer service by replying to customer inquires fast than any other legitimate fake id card  maker.

Fakeyourdrank large selection of replica state driver licenses

Fakeyourdrank fake identity card

Fakeyourdrank started with only 2 fake ids as mentioned above six years ago. Since this time they have released a stream of the newest issued design of fake id cards every year growing into a large selection of the most popular US state driver licenses.

Within the industry it is known that Fakeyourdrank makes all their own templates from scratch based on a real license in hand which is critical for accuracy when making fake ids.

Unlike other card makers that buy templates and do not posses a real issued license for comparison to ensure quality Fakeyourdrank does it right.

To buy a Fakeyourdrank made fake id is to own what is sheer perfection giving the card holder the utmost confidence that it will pass any security check.

Use it at a neighborhood convince store or a casino in Las Vegas and never fear the quality being brought into question. See our How To Spot A fake ID article for how to use your fake id as that is vital.

Quality fake id with glowing reviews online

Fakeyourdrank scannable fake id

Fakeyourdrank started with only making 2 fake ids over six years ago. Unlike several other genuine ID makers Fakeyourdrank slowly added to their portfolio of fake identifications. Watching this happen over the years has been impressive as the quality staid top shelf with never one complaint online to be found.

Real complaints that is..  Sure you can find a handful of complaints that the few genuine id card makers have posted by the always bored scam sites.

However, calculating the thousands of fake ids this site sells a month 10 blatantly false reviews is less than 0.01% of their past customer base.

When you feel you just must base your purchase on an anonymous posted review. Email fakeyourdrank as they have dozens of video reviews posted on Dtube.

Unscrupulous opportunists rely on edited Google image searches of found driver licenses covering up the details to pretend it is for privacy and post the image posing as a customer.

Fakeyourdrank goes a step further with numerous video reviews of customer reviews from opening their package to reviewing the quality of the fake id card in hand.

Best fake id website customer service

This is where fakeyourdrank has the advantage over its fake id website competition. As a test I always send stupid questions by email or support ticket just to see, if they will answer, if so, how long.

The support ticket replies where always fast and answered. To me this is important to know so if an issue arises with a purchase someone is there on the other end to answer.

In summary Fakeyourdrank is at the top for fake ids

You can not go wrong with fakeyourdrank for 1 or a 100 fake ids. I know for a fact they go above and beyond to make their customers happy.

While not to bore you with past stories I will make it simple. By the rare chance you have an issue from errors you missed or overlooked when ordering to an accidental invalid shipping address done by a customer. In short, fakeyourdrank will make it right and that says all one could want ordering from a fake id website online.

Please rate this fake id website when you have ordered from them and tell us your experience by commenting below.

Idgod.com Review

Idgod fake id

Fake ID website review of Idgod.com making fake id cards of the currently issued US driver licenses.

Idgod is the oldest fake id website online and earned the title of most famous name in fake ids.

Opened in 2004 with safe production out of China Idgod makes high quality fake identifications that are superb.

Use of stealth shipping methods that put the customer’s safety far away from any issues.

Most trusted fake id maker online

Idgod fake identity card

Idgod like other famous brands suffer from imposters. Nearly every major domain extension you will find a “fake id god” offering to sell fake ids. Sadly, this has caused much deception with numerous sites claiming to be Idgod.

Fact checking the whois record of all the “idgod” domains proves that idgod.com is by far the first idgod. Also, proves it is indeed the oldest maker of fake ids online.

Ensure your are not duped out of your money or receive an ID that will not pass even the weakest of security checks by ensuring idgod.com is the website you are visiting.

IDGod fake id card quality is second to none

IDGod fake id card

Everyone’s major concern when buying a fake id is ensuring the quality is as close as to real you can buy. There is no second chance when you hand your identification to door security. This is why so many choose Idgod as the IDs they produce pass expert scrutiny. For advice

Many states in the past few years to comply with the Real ID Act have revamped the style of their states IDs and licenses. High end security features that far exceed holograms and ultra violet ink of the past.

Numerous states use the latest in security card material called polycarbonate and Id God was the first fake id maker to offer the new state designs printing on polycarbonate.

In contrast other sites neglect to mention they do not truly print on the correct card material of polycarbonate. In lieu of using polycarbonate other id makers incorporate a polycarbonate overlay on a teslin based card. This subpar technique will not pass even a simple drop test that when real would make a distinctive cling like a compact disk. By not doing so is an instant tell that the identification card is fake.

Idgod boasts using the latest in id card printers to produce flawless fake ids. Considering the above and more features only replicated with a high end laser card printer it is the only way to make fake id cards now.

Laser engraving, microprint, rainbow printing, ghost windows, and more can not be accomplished with anything less than the same caliber of printers that are used to make the real licenses.

When it comes to the newest issued state id cards it is clear Idgod is the first choice. While Idgod is not the absolute cheapest choice it is beyond worth it spending a few dollars more to ensure you get into the bar. See our How To Spot A fake ID article for how to use your fake id as that is vital.

Buying from Idgod

 Idgod scannable fake idOrdering from Idgod is as easy as it can be for buying fake id. Knowing this industry it is not possible for fake id makers to accept traditional payments directly like credit cards.

However, Idgod offers a handful of easy options to buy from their selection of US state fake driver licenses.

When ordering from Idgod you are required to register an account with just your email and password to login after purchase to track the progress of your order.

From the customer panel you can track the progress of your order being made and when finished you receive the tracking number of the shipment. Extremely convenient and eliminates the need to email customer service for updates.

In summary Idgod is the go to fake id website online

Being the oldest fake id website online Idgod is beyond trust-able. More importantly they continue to invest in the equipment to produce the highest quality fake identifications that are of the newest design and identical to real issued. For these reasons you can not go wrong buying from Idgod.com.

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Idchief.com Review

Idchief fake id card

Fake ID website Idchief.com makes an excellent selection of US state fake identification cards. All scannable with the cardholders data identical to the encoding of a real issued license.

The majority of cards are cloned versions of the current style issued by the state.

Idchief has been making replicated IDs for over a decade verified by WHOIS data and documented history detailed below.

Should be noted idchief.com is the authentic IDChief fake id website as there are imposter frauds with other domain extensions that take the money and run.

Accurate quality fake id cards online

Idchief fake identity cardOne of the few sites that uses polycarbonate to print their cards when the state issued does the same.

Flawless ultraviolet cloned designs, raised text, laser burned cardholder images to name a few security features Idchief clones the same as real.

In the past years following the passing of the Real ID Act every US state released upgraded new styles of their identification cards.

Idchief (unlike others) kept up with the newest security features proving more than ever that quality comes first.

Fake ID website with true customer service

Idchief fake id cardWhile we did deduct a point for taking over 24 hours to reply to a customer ticket with a general question. It should be noted that after a group order was placed the several other questions submitted were replied to the same day.

The Idchief ordering system requires you to create an account and does show status updates. Continued updates from the time the IDs were confirmed paid up to providing a tracking number when shipped.

Took exactly 13 days from the time I paid for the group of two fake ids with free duplicates to arrive.

Comparatively I know others who have ordered and it took over 3 weeks to arrive. My experience with id makers is arrival times do vary based on how busy they may be at any given time.

The best advice is to always order early as possible especially when you need your ID by a certain date. See our How To Spot A fake ID article for how to use your fake id as that is vital.

Insight into Idchief fake id website history

Idchief scannable fake IDAdditional verification of Idchief’s impeccable fake identifications was found online. Consisting of a flurry of news articles after the website was opened for about a year.

Due to the news article reports of identical to real quality made IDChief rise quickly as one of the the most popular online resources for buying fake id cards.

However, this caught the attention of big brother specifically the US Senate! Maybe they had a free day not planing to invade another country for their oil, who knows?

News reported members of the Senate wrote a letter to China where Idchief operates pleading for the Chinese government to shut them down.

This plea from the Senate set off numerous actual fake news articles. The claim made was that Idchief was shut down by the Chinese government as Idchief removed their website leaving only an Idchief contact email.

What actually happen was due to the extreme scrutiny Idchief was the one who closed their website.

Now, legit fake id sites close all the time for many reasons and if you have a pending order it will never arrive. What was astounding is that on the r/fakeid (now shutdown reddit channel) people who had pending orders fearing they would be burnt started posting their cards were arriving.

In the world of fake id makers this is unheard of as everyone expected them to just keep the money and not make the orders.

About a year later Idchief reopened their website and continued to make the best IDs they were famous for.

In summary Idchief is one of the best fake id websites online

Given the past history without doubt Idchief will deliver and even better it will be a quality fake id that works. Idchief is one site I feel absolutely confident stating this and putting Underground-Review’s 18 year reputation of providing the unbiased truth on it.

Please rate this fake id website when you have ordered from them and tell us your experience by commenting below.