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Guide to using your fake diploma or fake degree:

Using a fake diploma, of course, can be nerve racking. Difficult enough to be in a job interview and also at the same time presenting a fake degree as genuine.

When filling out a job application you list your level of education and degrees earned. The employer conducting the interview, if they have any doubt, that what you put on the application is true, will verify by calling the records department of the university for confirmation. By bringing your diploma or degree with you on the interview this will remove the need for any future verification.

While you want the employer to see the diploma, it is best not to make it a big ordeal by shoving it in their face, so to speak. Best to let them discover it on their own by including it with your resume. Just try not to be too overt and be more natural. Chances are they will just glance at it and move on. Comes down to confidence and to keep in mind the employer does not know it is fake, only you do.

Fake degree

Prepare before you interview. Best to know the college, the area in and around the college. Try to Google old articles, alumni sites, faculty directories, or any information to find out the professors at the time that you would of attended their classes. Chances are rare, but if your luck is like mine, the person conducting your job interview will have attended the same university at the same time you did. This would be the worst case scenario, but just having all this extra knowledge will give you even more confidence. Knowing the basic facts about the university you attended, the fraternities, and other details, is ideal.

It is in my opinion it is best to buy a replica degree of an actual university. This carries prestige, and is not as likely to be questioned in comparison to a non existent college.

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