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Does your fake ID barcode scan correctly?

Find out before you use your fake for the first time.

One surefire way to have your fake ID license denied, or at worst taken away, is if the ID will not scan or scans improperly. The link below you can take an image of the barcode from your fake id and upload it. See if it scans correctly and be given the details of the results.

Barcode Reader Link


Back of id card showing barcode    Barcode reader demonstration


Barcode and Magstrip facts.

What exactly is the purpose of a barcode or magstrip on a license or identification?

Very simple. It is a fast way to read what is printed on your ID to a computer. Much like the barcode on food packaging when swiped at checkout it tells the register computer what the item is and the price. This saves the clerk invaluable time to not have to type in this information manually. The barcode and magstrip on an ID do not contain hidden information, and cannot tell the person reading the computer screen data after swiping anything more than what is printed on the license. When the license number is formatted correctly for that state, be it a coded format or random on the fake license, the reader of the swiped information cannot find out if it is valid or not. To know more about the person on the license, the computer would need to be connected to a government server such as the Motor Vehicle Department database. This would be the only way to know that the license was fake when it did not return a record for that license number or conflicting information.

Many people want to know if they can use a fake id for showing to law enforcement?

This is playing with fire, even if you cloned a close friends information exactly as their real license shows and you match him head to toe. You would have one problem...many states can now pull up the image on the real license on their computer. If that happens it is game over.

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